September 2007

Prevention of Bacillus Cereus

Information on Prevention of Bacillus Cereus Bacillus Cereus is a food borne disease that affects anyone across age and sexes. It is from the gram positive Bacillus species. It is ubiquitous bacteria, aerobic heterotrophs which are very much known for their

What Causes Hair Loss? Find Out the Whole Truth

Hair loss is one kind of skin disease which is also called “alopecia.” This is when your hair starts thinning. And you might not notice it immediately but you’re already losing hair. This is not good news for a lot

Type 2 Diabetes: An Enemy [DEFINITION, TREATMENT]

Diabetes is considered as one of the most challenging global health issues of our time. The increasing number of people with diabetes every year only proves how serious the problem is. With the increasing burden posed by diabetes around the

Little Known Facts About Low Blood Sugar – And Why They Matter

Sugar or glucose is the body’s main source of energy. The food that we eat every day is what supplies sugar in our body. The process of digestion breaks down the food that we eat into simple sugar. With the