January 2009

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

I have the positive ANA but no lupus. I have muscle pain everywhere with fatigue and sometimes my heart will race but my doctor says my heart sounds good. Any advice?

How do I get a good night sleep when dealing with Fibromyalgia?

Does anyone have any sugestions on how to get a good night sleep when you have Fibromyalgia? I take my Ultram and Aleve before I go to bed. I fall asleep fairly easy but within a few hours

Is it possible to misdiagnose non-Hodgkin's as mesothelioma?

My late husband was SO exposed to asbestos; but died from what was called untreatable Hodgkin’s. I don’t believe that and 10 years later, still looking for answers.

Symptoms of Diabetes and How do they test for it?

I have a horrid diet and diabetes is very prevalent in my family, I think I may have it. How do they test for diabetes and what are the symptoms?

Do I Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Or Not?

I have this key question am i ADHD or not based on what i tell you.and if so do i have ADHD both hyperactive and innatentive or ADHD inattentive only or hyperactive only here’s my story:

As a toddler i was very

Can diabetes insipidus lead to seizures?

I understand through dehydration it is very possible, but I would really appreciate any input I can get on this.

Can a man suffering from Epilepsy be able to release sperms which will help in reproduction?

There is a guy who is suffering from Epilepsy since the age of 11 .Now he is married to my friend and they are planning to have a baby.So I wanted to know if the guy will be able to

What test should a Doctor run to rule out fibromyalgia?

I am 22 years old and have been suffering from chronic muscle, joint, and tendon pain since February of 2005. My symptoms are as follows: –shooting pain from my elbows to my figures ( feels like funny bone constantly

What is a good way to keep my fibromyalgia pain under control, without lots of drugs.?

I've had this horrible illness for two years and have gone through all of its ups and downs. I'm ready to get my life back together and find the "me" I once knew. But the PAIN…it's always there!!! I want