February 2009

Does anyone have Fibromyalgia with Rheumatoid pain?

My doctor might be sending me for physical therapy soon. Will this help? Can I expect to have more problems with my pain as I get older?

Meningitis Question…me with possible symptoms, help! kinda long, please read and help if you can?

So. tuesday i get trigger point injection shots (lidocaine in backand neck to treat fibromyalgia pain) I go home, feel ill but I already had a migraine for the past few wks and it had gotten worse after shots. I

Why is there so much ignorance regarding epilepsy?

It's 2007, and I have friends with epilepsy who encounter ignorance and sometimes open hostility on a daily basis. People act as though epilepsy is catching, treat them as though they are mentally ill or mentally retarded, and tell them

How Much Alcohol Abuse Does It Take For The Onset Of Liver Disease Or Symptoms Of?

My little brother who is roughly 22 is in college now and called me to get my advice cause he’d been experiencing light abdominal pain. Now I know he drinks a lot cause he’s honest with me and that’s a

Blood test to determine diagnosis of fibromyalgia?

I have most of the symptoms for fibromyalgia and would like to discuss this with my dr. Are there blood tests that can determine if fibromyalgia is a likely diagnosis?

is it possible to cure diabetes?

ive had type 1 milletus since i was 14 months. and i have heard a while back that they are close. but they have been sayin that for years. do you think stem cells could actually work? or is it something else?

Can my brother in law join the army if he has type 1 diabetes?

I'm in the army reserve and my brother in law wants to join. I'm wondering if he would be able to get a waver for his type 1 diabetes. He's in college right now and he wants to know if

Everyday medications for fibromyalgia?

Feel most of the times crappy. Does anyone take meds all the time or most of the time to treat symptoms?

need a expert on Epilepsy?

I have a couple of questions on the condition known as "Epilepsy"… I would appreciate it if someone could clear up a few things for me. Specifically, what happens to one's brain during a seizure? What are the different types of seizures

Can you develop hypoglycemia from lack of sugar for a day if your body is used to very high sugar levels daily?

I was wondering if your pancreas might continue to produce the amount of insulins it is used to producing and therefore cause your body to develop hypoglycemia?