April 2009

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol

Are You Looking For Natural Remedies for Cholesterol? Here’s an Information that can Help You. Discomfort with your body size and weight and moving around are just a few things that you will have to go through when you are excessively fat.

Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

Are you Looking for Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts? Below are Some Information that Can Help You. Did you know that ovarian cyst is becoming a big problem to women? In fact, medical records show that at least 25 percent or

Why is it recommended that people prone to hypoglycemia avoid Valerian Root?

While doing research on Valerian Root I've found that most sites recommend against its use if you're prone to hypoglycemia… but I can't find any explanation as to why. Valerian Root is supposed to act as a mild sedative

Epilepsy Stress, Know It Better

I’m not going to lie, I smoked a ton of marijuana for the past 5 years (1-10 times daily) and have recently quit. Also for the past year or two I’ve been on pain killers and very stressed because I

Eye Surgery: Cost of Eye Surgery Without Insurance

Eye Surgery: Cost of Eye Surgery Without Insurance

I’m thinking about eye muscle surgery but I don’t have health insurance. What are the costs of this procedure without insurance and what kind of health insurance am I looking at to

Diabetes Mood Swings

Diabetic With Mood Swings. My husband has diabetes type 1 and when his blood sugar is too low or way too high he gets angry even at stupid little things. He ends up complaining a lot and blaming me for things

Is it OK to disclose too much information under HIPPAA?

I was wondering if I have a valid complaint with a hospital over a release of medical records. I believe that the released too much. My physicians are all based out of a hospital. I have a PCP, a dermatologist,

Pituitary Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms

Why should a person who has pituitary diabetes insipidus and does not feel unreasonably inconvenienced by the symptoms take treatment? Know first what is Diabetes Insipidus  and its symptoms below. Diabetes insipidus Diabetes insipidus (DI) is a condition characterized by excessive thirst and

What does it mean when you do anal and your friend bleeds?

I have a friend that tried and anal and she bleed? What does that mean?

Diabetes Symptoms, Understand Better

I feel tired all the time, keep bladder infections not that bad though. i have itchy skin and tingly feeling in my hands and dizzy feeling, and in the mornings i wake up cold feeling when it isn’t cold, is