January 2013

How Long Can A Person Live With A Lung Transplant?

Only about 55 percent of patients survive five years after the transplant. Those rates are better at Bay Area hospitals, where about two-thirds of patients can expect to survive that long. Nationwide, only a third of patients live 10 years.

How Do You Know If You Got Bitten By A Spider?

Other Possible Symptoms That Accompany Spider Bites Include: – itching or rash. – pain around the area of the bite. – muscle pain or cramping. – blister that’s red or purple in color. – sweating. – difficulty breathing. – headache. – nausea and vomiting. More Items…   Watch The Hulk Spider

Can you have a normal Pap smear and still have uterine cancer?

Pap smear tests, which screen for cervical cancer, may help identify ovarian and uterine cancer as well, a new study suggests. That’s because the cervical fluid collected during a Pap smear can contain cells, including cancer cells, that have been