August 2013

Prevention of Bed Bug Bites

 Bed Bugs Bite Red and swollen bumps with dark red center is an indication that you got bed bugs bite. You wouldn’t see these bugs because they are truly small and flat without wings, but hideous oval shaped pests that feed

List for Prevention of Epileptic Seizures

Prevention of Epileptic Seizures People who suffer from epileptic seizures are among those who experience the loss of esteem and social acceptance. They become worried of being around other people because they don’t know when the seizures will happen again. This

Tips on Prevention of Nipah Virus

Prevention of Nipah Virus Nipah virus initially became a scare in 1999 when a respiratory outbreak among Malaysian and Singaporean pig farmers. The name was taken from a Malaysian Peninsula village, Sungai Nipah, where the illness was first known about. Nipah