February 2014

Is Coconut Oil Good For A Burn?

My new favorite pair of words to drop: coconut oil. I can’t stop talking about it, using it, smelling it, and eating it. And it seems, I am not alone. Whether you’re a self proclaimed health nut, or a skeptic,

Do You Snore Because Of Adenoids?

Some people with a very deviated septum have surgery to straighten it out. This also helps them breathe better — not just stop snoring. Enlarged or swollen tonsils or adenoids may cause a person to snore. Read more here. WATCH THIS

Is Bowel Incontinence A Symptom Of Colon Cancer?

However, most colorectal cancers are associated with signs or symptoms. … Change in bowel habits — Constipation, diarrhea, narrowing of stools, incomplete evacuation, and bowel incontinence—although usually symptoms of other, less serious problems—can also be symptoms of colorectal cancer. Read

What Is The Cause Of Porphyria?

These disorders are usually inherited, meaning they are caused by abnormalities in genes passed from parents to children. When a person has a porphyria, cells fail to change body chemicals called porphyrins and porphyrin precursors into heme, the substance that