September 2014

What Happens If You Let A Sinus Infection Go Untreated?

Also in rare cases, sinus infections in the rear center of one’s head can spread into the brain. This can lead to life-threatening conditions like meningitis or brain abscess, Dr. Sindwani says. “Before antibiotics, people would die from sinusitis,” he

Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis

Hate to take medications when you are suffering from tonsillitis? Here are Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis that doesn’t requires chemicals or medications. The weakening pain of the throat, specifically at the back, is called tonsillitis. This is usually happening when the

What Is The Main Cause Of Appendicitis?

A blockage in the lining of the appendix that results in infection is the likely cause of appendicitis. The bacteria multiply rapidly, causing the appendix to become inflamed, swollen and filled with pus. If not treated promptly, the appendix can

How Do You Know If Something Is Wrong With Your Kidneys?

If you feel the need to urinate more often, especially at night, this can be a sign of kidney disease. When the kidneys filters are damaged, it can cause an increase in the urge to urinate. Sometimes this can also

How Do You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Aloe vera is effective in the treatment of many skin problems. Its healing and soothing properties can be used to get rid of stretch marks. There are a couple of ways to apply it. You can directly rub aloe vera

What causes autoimmune urticaria?

Supporting this hypothesis, a strong association has been found between chronic urticaria and additional autoimmune diseases, such as thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren’s syndrome, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes, among others…click here.. Watch This Video To Learn