December 2015

Alzheimers Disease Early Signs

What Are The Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease? To answer your query, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive malady. So if there is someone in the home and she or he is aged and you feel that the memory of that person

Autism And Alzheimers Disease


Does Autism And Alzheimers Diseases Affect Our Soul? To answer your query, we are not our body and mind. We are the soul who is temporary residing within our body. Those who have autism and alzheimers disease can’t control their mind.

Alzheimers Disease Life Expectancy

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease? To answer your query, people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can still have a long life. It’s just that they have weaker memory and they are forgetting a lot

Alzheimers Disease Affects The Brain

How Does Alzheimer’s Disease Affect The Brain? To answer your query, people who have Alzheimers disease are experiencing brain tissue loss and their nerve cells are dying. For some people, it is a long process but there are people who are

Alzheimers Disease And Blue Eyes

My son was visiting his grandfather in a home for Alzheimer’s patients and he noticed that all the patients there had blue eyes.  Any Connection Between Blue Eyes and Alzheimer’s Disease? To answer your query, it is only a myth because

Alzheimers Disease And Schizophrenia


    What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. To answer your query, to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease means that a person is forgetting a lot of things such as name of people who are close to him, places that he

Alzheimers Disease And Diabetes

                How Long Do Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease Live After Onset Of Diabetes? To answer your query, Alzheimers disease and diabetes aren’t directly connected at first glance because one affects the mind of the sufferer while the latter affects the body. However,

Alzheimers Disease And Fear

I’ve just been told that I have it. I am scared s—–ss. I have no family left, no one to look after me & make sure that I am treated well. To answer your query, you might want to have a

Alzheimers Disease Effects

How Does Alzheimers Disease Affect a Persons Ability to Function in Society, How Does It Affect Their Family? To answer your query, to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease effects a person terribly. It affects his confidence. It make him feel that he’s

What Is The Neurological Background Of Alzheimer’s Disease?

What are the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?