How Curved Should My Spine Be?

The spine in your neck (cervical spine) has a slight inward curve called a lordotic curve.The upper-to-mid back (thoracic spine) curves outward slightly in what’s called a kyphotic curve.The lower back (lumbar spine) also has a slight inward lordotic curve.Your spine should be vertically straight from the base of your…Read More…


Restoration Of Lumbar Lordosis & The Curvature Of The Spine (Watch this Video)

What Is A Mild Case Of Scoliosis?

Mild scoliosis is the most responsive to exercise treatment. Moderate scoliosis may be treated with exercise too, but wearing a medically prescribed brace is sometimes recommended as well. Moderate scoliosis may develop into severe scoliosis, defined as a spine curvature between 40 and 45 degrees…Continue Read…


The Axial Skeleton

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