How to Lower Glucose Levels – Different Ways for Different Needs

How to Lower Glucose LevelsGlucose levels change throughout the day. It is measured using mg/dL. The blood glucose level depends upon what you eat, when you ate it, and how much you’ve eaten. It also varies whenever you have exercised or not. How to lower glucose levels depends on how it rose in the first place.


What is a healthy glucose level?

A healthy glucose level stays within the normal range. Glucose levels between 70-99 mg/dL is normal if checked after having nothing to eat overnight while a glucose level less than 140 mg/dL is also considered healthy if diagnosed 2 hours after a meal.


How to diagnose a high blood glucose level?

  1. Testing blood glucose level for two consecutive times after an overnight without eating. A result which is equal to or greater than 126 mg/dL means a high glucose level.
  1. A glucose level of 200 mg/dL result at any random test.
  1. If an A1c test results an equal to or higher than 6.5%. This is a test where it gives you a three-month average blood sugar level.
  1. A glucose oral tolerance test resulting with any value over 200 mg/dL.


How to Lower Glucose Levels?


  • By Insulin Medication

Insulin medication is the fastest way to bring blood glucose level down. However, this method requires a thorough understanding and knowledge; otherwise, it shall be administered by a physician.

There are different types of insulin available and you need the help of your physician in choosing what’s best for you depending on your situation.


  • Physical Activitynormal blood sugar range running

Engaging oneself in a physical activity will help you lower and bring yourself to a healthy glucose level. A physical activity such as exercising makes your body more sensitive to insulin. It makes your muscles consume a lot more glucose, letting the blood stream use the glucose circulating it and lessening therein.

Having a 30-minute cardio and aerobics can give you a significant change in health and help you cope up with this disease. It is only a small amount of time you need to give to keep yourself safe and healthy with regard to this disease. This, however, is not okay if you have type 1 diabetes and urine ketones are found in your body.

Remember to make this not just an obligation but as part of your lifestyle.


  • Healthy Lifestyle

Stress is one of the major factors wherein it makes your blood sugar level high in a more rapid time frame.

Healthy lifestyle means a lot of change in your day-to-dayroutine. A healthy lifestyle calls for a healthy mind and body which means that we should be eating healthy, being physically active, avoiding stress, and loving oneself a lot.


  • Eating a Healthy and Balanced Dietlow blood sugar diet

Balanced diet, in living with type 2 diabetes, contributes a lot in treating this disease. Once you lose and maintain the weight, monitor yourself and your daily activity and stick to it as much as you can.

Cheat days may be allowed but make sure that you’d work double time just to balance it.


Always check what and how much you eat as this maybe one reason of your high blood glucose level. Avoid eating too much and too little of things, rather, eat anything you want but always in moderation.
These are the ways on how to lower glucose level. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on much effort; it just means you have to be disciplined and determined to attain a healthy glucose level which leads to a healthy body.

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