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Birth Control for Acne: How and Why It Works Against Breakout

Birth control for acne has worked wonders for many women. This method of acne control and treatment is not new in the market. In fact, dermatologists have been recommending birth control pills for women suffering from severe acne breakouts for decades

Does Birth Control Help Acne Treatment?

Nowadays, one of the common acne preventive measures is through oral contraceptive. But does birth control help acne? Birth control, to a certain extent, does control and prevent a stubborn acne outbreak from getting worse and recurring. Let’s take a

Top 5 Best Birth Control for Acne That Work Effortlessly

Sometimes, topical creams and antibiotics may not work in some individuals’ acne condition. In this case, the best birth control for acne is often prescribed for acne treatment. Though different contraceptives are now available in the market, only few are