acne marks

How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Using Proven Methods

Acne can leave a daunting feeling behind even if it already stops making a scene on your face. Just consider the scars it left behind. Though you already kept acne at bay, you still have to deal with the marks

How do I get rid of darkened spots from acne?

I have tried several acne products (even proactiv) and nothing seems to work for me. What is the best treatment for acne? Also, how do I get rid of those nasty dark spots left by the acne? Sometimes you need to

What product can help clear up acne scars and even skin tones?

I used to have a lot of acne and some of the acne turned into dark spots on my face. I have oily skin. I need something that works, maybe you’ve tried it or something. My skin tone is also

How do I stop the acne and strange discolerations in my face?

My skin tone is not pale but not dark and I have a tan from the summer right now. I take a shower every day and wash my face reguarly and use Noxema but I still can’t stop the weird