14 year old cat with anal bleeding, read question please?

One of my 3 cats is about 14 years old and today we found her lying on our tile with a pile of bloody poo next to her. A few moments ago we discovered that she was bleeding from her anus. We are worried that her artificial rectum has a tear in it (When she was a kitten her rectum was missing so she couldn't go poo. She had to have a bowel reconstruction or something like that.) Anyways, she's always struggled to go to the bathroom but has never bled. We have attemped to move her to put her into a cat-carrier to take her to the vets but she starts meowing in pain. Should we take her to the vets anyways or should we let nature take its course… Any sugesstions on how to make last little bit of her life as comfortable as possible? Oh and she's still drinking. We haven't tried food yet though. Thanks for any answers.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • Marta January 22, 2009, 4:50 am

    Please take kitty to the Vet. She's probably meowing because she associates the cat carrier with a car ride, the Vet, etc- something that makes her nervous. Hopefully this isn't the end for kitty and the Vet should be able to do something to comfort kitty / fix the bathroom problem.

    Good luck. Will be thinking about you.