3 Things…Whats your opinion? Belly Button/Belly/movement?

First, I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. The thing about my belly button… Everyone I know that has had kids, their belly buttons were petruding out by now. Mine is still not. I have noticed it getting shorter in depth, (ive been anxiously awaiting the whole belly button thing so ive been keeping track lol…)… When did your belly button pop out in your first pregnancy?

The next thing is just a random thing… Today I leaned backand looked at my belly. By leaning back, I guess I had used my muscles in my upper abdomen…but I noticed when I leaned back that from my view (looking down at my belly) the center of my belly stuck out…and the sides caved in. If you know what Im describing… Has that happened to you? I mean… Is it normal for it to do that? lol It was like I had a long bubble in my upper belly.

The last thing is that according to “the books” and stuff ive read online…everyone keeps saying that you cant feel any movements of your baby from the outside yet. I am saying thats bull because I feel my baby kick and move all the time… Just by feeling him move and by putting my hand on my belly …as well as other people. Did you feel your baby from the outside around 21 weeks?

These are just random ?s… I am bored and just wanted to know some opinions.

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  • TC007 March 29, 2009, 2:01 pm

    In answer to your first question: You belly button may not pop out at all. I think it depends on the size and shape of it. I am 23 weeks pregnant and my belly button is still firmly sitting inside my belly 🙂

    The second thing you describes happens to me everytime I lean back. I think it is just the position of the baby. In this position I can also see the baby moving under my skin which is really cool.

    I felt my baby move from the outside when I was 18 weeks and so did my husband so it was not my imagination. It is a load of bull that you can’t feel it. Some babies ove earlier than others. it all depends on the babies size and strength at the time.

    Hope these opinions keep you occupied for 5 minutes 🙂