5 Best Vitamins for Acne That You MUST Start Taking Today

Acne breakout can happen at any age though it usually occurs to teenagers. A lot of remedies are available but not all of them are effective and advised. So, are you going for natural or what?best vitamins for acne medicine

Trying different acne solutions in the market may be frustrating and may take a long time before you can see the results. Have you tried changing your diet? Have you considered taking in vitamins or just merely eating fruits? What are the best vitamins for acne?

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Best Vitamins for Acne:


Vitamin A is available through pills and as topical medication. Doctors advice that using vitamin A topical medication is a lot better than using vitamin A oral supplements. This vitamin helps you reduce and treat your acne.


What is in Vitamin A?

Vitamin A contains retinoid which is believed to be the most effective treatment for acne. It has the ability to heal and regenerate your skin in a short time span. Vitamin A topical medication is available but needs a prescription.

A study has also been proven that having vitamin A deficiency could lead to acne breakouts. Therefore, better get your daily dose of this vitamin!


  • Vitamin B and acne

Vitamin B complex, which may be found in chicken, bananas, whole grains, and many more can reduce your chances of having acne.

Vitamin B is believed to reduce stress which is one of the causes of acne; it also helps the body’s blood circulation which leads to faster healing of scars.


What is in Vitamin B?

Vitamin B is rich in antioxidants that help your skin stay clear and bacteria-free. It helps you avoid the chances of having acne breakouts.


  • Vitamin E and acne

Vitamin E is frequently used in skin care products. They are natural skin protection from different bacteria and also UV rays from the sun.

This vitamin supplement for acne may be found in foods like papaya, olives, peanuts, spinach, and other greens meaning, it’s not that hard to incur and take in vitamin E. They are tasty and very helpful for our skin.


What is in Vitamin E?

Vitamin E, like vitamin B, has antioxidants that help prevent acne breakouts. It is also great in helping the skin and cell regenerate faster, which also leads to quicker healing of acne scars. It also fights away skin bacteria that could lead to acne breakouts. Vitamin E is indeed love for our skin.


  • Vitamin C and acne

Vitamin C is usually found in citrus fruits. It is so usual for us to eat foods with this vitamin, but did you know that vitamin C can also help us to treat acne?

A 1000-mg dosage of vitamin C daily is enough to treat acne infections. Good news is that Vitamin C is found in natural fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, broccolis, Brussels sprouts, and many more.


What is in Vitamin C?

Vitamin C have bioflavonoids, which are antibacterial and considered as powerful antioxidants that fight acne breakouts, prevent it,. Like the other vitamins, it also helps in cell regeneration that leads to faster healing of acne scar. This vitamin also improves one’s immunity to diseases and has a lot of great effects on our metabolism.


  • Vitamin D and acne

Vitamin D, otherwise known as “sunshine vitamin” is a big factor for acne prevention and its treatment. Having a vitamin D deficit in one’s body can cause and increase the chance of having an acne breakout.

Vitamin D is believed to make your skin glow. It also helps in reducing inflammation; therefore lowering the risk of having severe acne. It improves the immune system and works on your mood and helps depression.


What is in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D2 is found in drugstores however, study suggests that this kind of vitamin D does not work as effectively as vitamin D3 which contains cholecalciferol, which is the exact vitamin D found under the sun.


Vitamins are not only good for acnes; they are good for our body. So, taking enough daily dosages of these different vitamins may help you out in line with preventing and treating acnes. All vitamins are considered as best vitamins for acne because they have different but equally important results to give –best vitamins for acne prevention and acne treatment.

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