What Cause Acne? 5 Foods That Do!


Before treating acne, it is best to know first what cause acne. Acne doesn’t solely come from bacteria; certain foods sometimes cause it. You may not know it but this is true that food can cause acne.

what cause acne


Acne is from the Greek word “akme” meaning point or spot. Acne is considered a skin disease that involves oil glands at the hair follicles. It commonly comes out during one’s puberty. They aren’t that dangerous but will surely leave you with some unwanted scars. Read more about What Causes Acne.


5 Facts about Food Causing Acnes:


  • Does milk cause acne?What Causes Acne milk

Researchers believe that people who drink milk for at least twice a day is riskier to acquire acne. Milk contains substances like insulin growth factor-1 and many other. But, to some, a reaction such as increased oily substance and sebum production happens and this results in  more clogged pores. Acne likes to be implanted in body parts with those characteristics.

If you experience these scenarios, better observe and if milk is really a part of your daily life, might as well prefer almond milk rather than dairy milk. There’s no harm in trying as maybe it can help your skin be better.


  • Does chocolate cause acne?What Causes Acne chocolate

Chocolates are the number one treats. However, are they good for you as  they are in taste? Would you eat chocolates even if you find out that it can cause acne on your flawless and radiant skin?

Chocolate does not really cause an acne breakout, in fact, no science or research can prove this. However, chocolate is considered a fatty food and has a lot of sugar. High-sugar diets may cause inflammatory reaction in our body and therefore increase sebum production. This event leads to large possibilities that one may acquire acne.

Think of other foods that have high sugar and fats, do you mean to tell me, you won’t eat anything with them anymore? I bet not.

Eat and indulge yourself with what you love; at the end of the day, happiness is a daily goal for everyone.


3) Does smoking cause acne?What Causes Acne smoking

Like chocolates, no certain proof can be found that smoking increases the chance of having acne. Smokers tend to smoke whenever they feel stressed out and stress is a very famous culprit of acne breakouts. It may not cause acnes but it sure does not help in treating it either.

Maybe some people would say it helps because they believe that smoking distances them from stress. However, it should also be remembered that smoking has chemical substances that affect the normal blood flow to the nearby areas especially on the face, which may cause wrinkles and poorly healing parts.

Don’t believe everyone is saying, what cause acne is sometimes misunderstood, ending up with depriving oneself.


4) Does coffee cause acne?What Causes Acne coffee

Coffee, as much as I hate to break this to you coffee lovers, does cause acne. Coffee does not only increase your chances of having acne; if you already have one, there is a bigger chance that they may get worse.

  • Drinking coffee makes your body more sensitive to different event reactions. They tend to make your stress hormones rise.
  • Coffee is best combined with sugar and cream, which are dairy products and are believed to be causing acnes.
  • Coffee may increase inflammation or the redness of your acne.

However, if you are so much into coffee and an acne-prone person at the same time, might as well exchange your coffee beverage for a decaffeinated option and observe if it treats your acne breakouts well.


5) Reactions to different kinds of food vary to different peopleWhat Causes Acne foods

Although it may be true that some food products cause acne, it doesn’t mean that it applies to all. People have different reactions when exposed to different substances. Therefore, give yourself a treat and enjoy yourself. We all need to take everything in moderation.

So worry not. These 5 facts may have the need to be observed first. Assess yourself, what cause acne in your lifetime? Are you that determined to treat it? Fight! Never give up.

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