A doctors opinion on Alzheimers Disease.?

I sort of need a doctor’s opinion from a wide variety…

so details… lets see..
1. Im a 18 year old female of asian decent
2. For the last year I have had alot of stress and anxiety attacks.
3. I forget simple things like keys and calling people back to more complicated things like.. who people are, what i did the previous day, what I say to people.
4. There was a time last week I forgot how I ended up where I was and didnt know how to get home.

why does this happen?? can it be alzheimers?
I want to know a little bit more about the disease before I go in and get checked on. So as much help as possible is greatly appreciated, and much needed. [=
I guess I should say this about my health. I eat very healthy, being natural herbs, etc. (none fast food, desserts, fats)

I dont take medicine at all because I believe in natural healing? My uncle is a medicine man (If you know what that is)

I sleep fairly well. I also exercise 4-5 times a week.

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  • A JaZman March 11, 2009, 2:24 pm

    Stress is almost certainly the problem here. When your mind is preocupied with worries, concerns, problems that need to be solved and other things, you become distracted with the task at hand (driving, talking to a friend, where you put your keys etc) and never register that information.

    Alzheimer's disease is so much a disease of age that even for people in their 40's, the disease is EXTREMELY rare (1 in 500,000).

    Talk to your doctor about your stress and be sure to go over whether or not you are getting good sleep, good nutrition (without weight gain or loss) and check for symptoms of depression, which can creep up on people with chronic stress and anxieties. Treatment for these things and relief from stress and anxiety will likely resolve these momentary lapses in your memory.

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