Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin – The Effective Options


Acne is a treatable disease. But when it comes to having sensitive skin, acne is regarded as a bigger problem. Sensitive skin means you can’t just put anything on your face. You have to take extra care to avoid having more problems. Are there any acne treatment for sensitive skin?


  1. Try Using Non-Medical Products


  • What is the best acne treatment for oily skin? Well, maybe you’re overthinking, because water itself isa simple solution. Washing your face with clean and warm water is best for avoiding acne breakouts.acne treatment for sensitive skin water

Water is essential for our being. It keeps our skin hydrated and flushes away toxins and other bacteria. It promotes the creation of new skin cells and maintains the freshness of our skin. Keep the 8-glass of water routine every day and see the best results for you.


  • Use mild skin products

A lot of skin products are available in the market but you beware of products which are well-advertised but use harmful substances that cause additional problems to those who already have acne and with sensitive skin. You can ask help from your dermatologist or ask the pharmacist to recommend you a hypoallergenic product. This way, you can prevent having some serious complications even if you have sensitive skin.


  • Use a separate towel for facial useacne treatment for sensitive skin towel

We all know that acnes are prominent on our faces. Be sure to use a clean towel after washing your face to avoid attracting bacteria to thrive on it. Also try not to scrub your face hard. It is best to tap the towel on your face to dry it up than scrubbing it.


  • Be sure of the cosmetic products you are using

Cosmetic products are sometimes equipped with harmful compositions. Ever heard of super-comedogenic ingredients such as isopropyl myristate? These are pore-clogging ingredients usually found in make-up and other cosmetic products. Because of trying and experimenting with different skin products, we usually end up having drier skin, which causes acne. This also causes sensitive skin to be even more damaged and that’s no good news. Better check anything first before using it especially on your face. You may not know that you’re already the one giving poison to your skin.


  • Use moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream helps us in keeping our skin healthy and fresh. It is advised for use after an acne treatment session because our skin tends to be drier after undergoing one. Look for a mild moisturizing cream to prevent unwanted side effects.

acne treatment for sensitive skin cream
  • Know what causes your sensitive skin

This may be very simple but this tip is very important: prevention is the best acne treatment for sensitive skin. Before even thinking of using anything, observe what causes your skin to be sensitive and avoid it altogether. That’s the best advice, my friend.


  • Watch your diet

Avoid dairy and salty and sugary foods as acne tends to get worse whenever you eat any of these things. Say goodbye to ice cream, chips and cookies, maybe? Sensitive skin calls for extra caring points!


  1. Trying Medications


  • Be consistent and be determined

Products that are commercially available take a longer time before having a visible effect. One should stick to a certain product and use it constantly and be determined to first see the result before thinking of changing it.


  • Consult a doctoracne treatment for sensitive skin doctor

Of course, you should. If you are having problems with acne and at the same time, you have sensitive skin, better consider going to your doctor first before buying some topical or oral medications available on the market. This way, you will be sure of using something that would not jeopardize your skin.


  • Ask your doctor for other recommendations

People who have sensitive skin sometimes prefer antibiotics over oral/topical medications because unlike the latter, these are taken orally and won’t touch your skin therefore, would not actually irritate it. Women who have sensitive skin and an acne problem are also usually prescribed with birth control pills as an acne skin care product, as long as it only has a low dosage. However, one should still be aware of the side effects the pill may bring.


  • Consider light and laser treatments

If nothing really worked for your skin, maybe it’s about time to take a risk and go for these two specialized treatments. They are the two most expensive types of treatment but even these can put your skin on the line. These treatments cause your skin to dry therefore these aren’t really recommended for those who have sensitive skin. However, you can always consult a dermatologist to be sure and get an honest opinion about your condition.


These are but some acne treatment for sensitive skin. You just have to be sure, careful, and ready for any consequences. It’s actually hard when you’re dealing with sensitive skin and an acne problem, which is why it is advised to consult your doctor to find the best acne treatment for sensitive skin.


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