What Causes Back Acne and How to Treat It?

A back acne outbreak can be a great problem, especially because it creates extreme discomfort that might be interfering with your daily activities and work. Knowing what kind of and what causes back acne condition can be of help in finding a solution for it; eradicating it from your back.


Causes of Back Acne

  • As a Side Effect of Medication. Some back acne conditions are aggravated by ingested drugs or medication used to cure a specific health condition. Usually, medications with hormone-altering side effects such as those with androgen and lithium, most of the time trigger an acne outbreak. If this is the case, then talk to your doctor about an alternative prescription.
  • Pressure on the Back.  Pressure and friction can irritate inflamed follicles and further aggravate your back acne condition.
  • Clothing or Gear. Wear breathable clothing such as those made with cotton.
  • Sweat. Did you know that sweat can also irritate your skin? Yes; it is called heat rash that can harbor acne-causing bacteria that when left on its own can cause an acne outbreak.
  • Oil-Based Skin Care Products. Sometimes our beloved skin care product is what causes back acne problem to us. So better check the back labels and make sure that what touches your skin isn’t oil-based. Also, choose dermatologically proven anti-comedogenic skin products.


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How to Treat Back Acne

  • Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. As much as it is good to look at, it might also be causing your outbreak. The more tight and fit the clothes are on your body, the more these trap sweat and dirt that block your pores and cause an outbreak. Instead, wear loose-fitting and breathable clothes especially during day time.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics because it tends to trap moisture, giving acne bacteria a suitable environment to thrive on. Preferably, choose cotton and other breathable materials such as bamboo fabrics. Clothing made from bamboo fibers has anti-microbial and anti-bacteria properties that can treat and prevent acne scars on back.what causes back acne - fabric
  • Eliminate pressure on your back. If you’re constantly carrying back pack or sports equipment, try lessening your load. At least try not to wear it for a while. Also, wear a clean cotton shirt. You can even place padding between your load and your back to lessen friction that might be causing your breakout.
  • Over-the-counter treatment. There are over-the-counter treatment for back acne that you can buy and use to relive yourself of back acne discomfort. Some of the effective medications are salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide pads, and alpha hydroxy acids, which help speed up cell turn over. Also, be wary of some of its side effects; consult your doctor if you are beginning to experience dryness, skin peeling, and irritation.
  • Have a good skin care routine. If you are the kind of person that is very prone to back acne, regular washing with the use of a gentle cleanser is a necessity. Also, make it a habit to wash after every strenuous activity such as exercise to prevent clogged pores and back acne.  what causes back acne - skin care

People need not suffer long discomfort due to back acne; getting to the root of what causes back acne and doing something about it is the easiest solution.

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