What Are the Best Acne Treatments?

Acne is sometimes bothersome to other people. It causes us to feel ashamed and insecure. But, what triggers it? What can we do to prevent it? What is the best acne treatments?

What is Acne?

Acne, from the Greek word “akme,” means point or spot. Acne is considered a skin disease that involves oil glands at the hair follicles. It commonly comes out during one’s puberty. It isn’t that dangerous but will surely leave you with some unwanted scars.

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Types of Acne

      • Whiteheads- are usually very small but stay under the skin
      • Blackheads- are highly visible. It stays on the skin’s surface. This kind of acne is not caused by dirt and rubbing your face vigorously will not help eliminate it.
      • Papules- are those small pink bumps seen on theskin’s surface.
      • Nobules- are large and solid pimples. Its presence gives a painful feeling and it is rooted deep in the skin.
      • Pustules- its base is red, is clearly visible on the skin, and has pus on top.
      • Cysts- are visible on the skin area; painful and filled with pus. This kind of acne usually leaves a remarkable scar.


How to Diagnose Acne

A dermatologist should check first if one really has acne because some skin diseases appear like acne too. If your dermatologist is already definite that you have acne, she will have to grade the acne. Grade 1 stands for mild acne while Grade 4 means it is already considered severe. Also, your dermatologist shall take note of what type or types of acne are found on your skin.

Best Acne Treatments:

Acnes are treated differently, depending on where these appear and how serious they can potentially be. Homemade acne treatments are available; so are chest acne treatments and acne treatment creams.


      • Homemade Acne Treatment:Best Acne Treatments honey

Acne treatments can be made at home. Simpleas it gets, one of the very popular kinds of a homemade acne treatment is a facial mask.

These acne facial masks are considered to be very effective in terms of eliminating acne outbreaks and the resulting scars.

You may find recipes that typically use honey. Honey is used to hydrate the skin, keeping it soft and encouraging skin cell renewal. It also acts as anti-inflammatory and has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.


      • Acne Treatment Cream:

This treatment is usually called topical treatment. Some topical applications are used to kill bacteria while others are used to lessen and even avoid having oily skin. A lot of properties are found in a topical agent. Have your dermatologist help you out in terms of what you and your skin need.

If you are suffering with swollen types of acne in different parts of your body, it is advisable to take some antibiotics that will help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. For some women, contraceptive birth control pills usually do magic in terms of our hormones.


      • New Acne TreatmentsBest Acne Treatments facial

Besides the homemade treatments and oral and topical medications, also considered as one of the best acne treatments are those that require special medical procedures.

a) Laser and Light Therapies

These will be chosen depending on your dermatologist. This procedure lessens the amount of acne-causing bacteria.

b) Chemical Peeling

This is usually done by a dermatologist who treats two different types of acne – blackheads and papules.

c) Acne Removal

This is best for those who have cysts. A dermatologist recommends this procedure to lessen the pain the cyst brings and reduce the chance that the cyst may leave an unwanted scar. This is also called the “drainage and extraction” procedure. This may also be used if the cyst does not respond to the medications given. It usually makes use of an injection.

There is no way we can possibly rank and pinpoint what the best treatment for acne. Waiting for your acne to finish its course is frustrating but choosing a treatment should always match with what your needs are.

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