Alzheimers disease is becoming ridiculous?

Why is Alzheimer’s disease becoming more and more common and projected to affect more than a 200% increase of today cases by mid-century? I think that Alzheimer isn’t a real disease, I think that it has just been given to much power by all the people that worry about it. Why else is it increasing at such a huge rate and what other reason is there for the rates of Alzheimer to increase with the more research done on it and the more media coverage on it.
Also, why is it happening to people at younger ages?

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Written By Nurse007

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  • iwasnotanazipolka January 22, 2009, 9:26 pm

    Alzheimers was probably the cause for years when patients were diagnosed with age related memory problems such as dementia or seniltiy. But Alzheimers is a real, organic problem that is set to blossom into a major health problem in the next few years as the baby boomers start hitting the dangerous years – usually over 60.

    It has always been with us, but misdiagnosed. I have included a very interesting link that appeared in the Internation Herald Tribune a couple of months ago. Take a look at it – it's pretty interesting.