Am I Really Mentally Sick? Is This Actually Full Mental Retardation?

Having ADHD doesn’t mean that you’re retarded

I have ADHD which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. i wanted to know if that means I’m retarded. fully that is.
PS: i don’t have down syndrome or anything, just that. PPS Side Question: i was told retarded was originally  a word which meant slow down in physics is it right?

You’re not retarded or lunatic because those adjectives are for people who can’t control their thoughts and actions. Our society is judgmental. You need to be tough in case you have ADHD or you know someone who has ADD. If you’re poor in physics or math, that doesn’t make you a retarded because you can study hard to get better grades. For more information about mental illnesses, ADD, and ADHD, read these wonderful write-ups from Psych Central and Addidute Mag.

Am i really mentally sick. Is this actually full mental retardation.

You’re not mentally ill just because you have ADHD.

Questions Kids Ask About ADHD | Psych Central

Dec 27, 2011 … Questions Kids Ask About ADHD … Having attention deficit disorder is like needing to wear glasses. It means you have … It doesn’t mean you are stupid or dumb. Not at all. … Q: My friend said if you have ADD, you’re a retard.

Mild Mentally Retarded And Severe Adhd – Circle of Moms

Jun 22, 2010 … Mild mentally retarded and severe ADHD – Mothers of Special Needs Children. After a month and my daughter is having reactions with the product, I will terminate. Please Read: The testimonials you will read and watch on this …. him and what is normal for one person doesn’t mean everyone else is the …

Love That Max : Would you call my child a retard?


You might be different but you’re special.

Mar 7, 2012 … My daughter doesn’t use the word but was concerned that an … Re-posting and sharing and hoping others will feel as inspired by your powerful video. … RETARD can mean a lot of things people not all bad you know such as . ….. i myself used the word retard with someone who has ADHD i felt so ashamed …

ADHD in Adolescents: Diagnosis and Treatment
Arthur L. Robin, published 1998, 461 pages

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  • Betty M April 6, 2009, 12:01 am

    No my dear, you are far from being mentally challenged. You can live quite a normal life with your disorder on the proper medication. To be mentally retarded, which is a word not used today, is to be retarded or held back mentally, to have ones development slowed, or to be under developed mentally. We have severe under development, to being slow in only one or two areas of the brain function. If you look around you will see that almost everyone has something they are not good at and therefore they are retarded in that area. And again this word is not used anymore and the proper term is to be mentally challenged in some area…….good mental health…….I just wanted to add Cole that I have yet to meet a person with ADHD that wasn't intellectually gifted.