Anal Bleeding 33 Weeks Pregnant? TMI in this question! SORRY!?

I'm 33 weeks & 3days pregnant and woke up this morning a little constipated. When I was done, and wiped there was a bit of blood on the paper, but not too much. Since then (7:00am) I have gone into the bathroom about 2 other times having to go again. But not constipated, very loose. And there has been more blood. I went in another time THINKING i had to go (i got a tummy ache) and nothing, but a small bit of blood in the toilet & more on the paper. Wow, waaay too much info! LOL. I have had hemmrhoids in the beginning of this pregnancy but it's been a while. And for the last few weeks I've had diarrhea or very loose stool. So this just came as a shock today. Is this normal at this point in pregnancy? I will call my doc, and ask them also, but has anybody experienced this?

Sorry for all the details everyone! LOL

For anybody who will PROBABLY ask…no I have NOT had anal sex.

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  • ?Elijah's & Isaiah's Mom March 31, 2009, 4:48 pm

    that happening to me I'm 36 wks try eating prunes what happened is that the first time you went you probably slip a little and since you've been going so much the it hasn't healed and keeps bleed every time you push the same thing happened to me yesterday

    and no its not hemorrhoid i just came back from the doc and he check and this was what he told me