Anal bleeding after bowel movement?

It started about a month ago, almost every time I have a bowel movement, there’s blood in the toilet, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But it never hurts before, during or after. Also, my period is irregular this month. It was supposed to come two weeks ago but hasn’t shown yet. I’m not sexually active right now. I’m not experiencing any abnormal pains or anything like that. Also, I became a vegetarian about two months ago, if that might have anything to do with it. Serious answers only, please!

Written By Soniamiller

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  • delorpompom February 23, 2009, 4:49 pm

    Your eating habits might have something to do with it. Try increasing your fiber intake. If the blood you describe is dark red, you need to go to a doctor immediately, if it is bright red, you should still go to a doctor, but it’s not as serious. You could have hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. Your doctor will probably do a rectal exam to see if you have them and then will give you medicine for it.

    Also, you could be straining too much during your bowel movements.