anal bleeding, what's wrong with me? No anal sex tho?

my anal bleeds sometimes when I poop.
I dont do anal sex and never had anyting "in".
the bleeding is dark red, sometimes in clots, or mixed with a lot of slime…
And I found something like that online saying it could be serious condition if I don't treat it. this is usually for people that are in 60s.
I'm only 21.
anyone know whats wrong with me?
I kinda wana see a doctor, but I have no health insurance, and I've never seen a physicians before. Have no idea where to start.

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  • All You Need is Love March 10, 2009, 4:49 am

    From personal experience:

    You might have hemorrhoids. If the blood looks fresh in color, like bright red then it might be an internal hemorrhoid. They sometimes go in their own or sometimes you need medical intervention.

    If the blood you're getting is dark red, almost black, then you might have an ulcer -meaning the blood is coming from your upper intestine or from your stomach – and it is black or dark because it has been digested by your colon already.
    In that case you must seek medical treatment immediately.

    Eat loads of bananas in case you do have a stomach ulcer. They'll ease up any symptoms but go to the doctor! Avoid spicy foods in the interim!