ADT: Increasing Alzheimer’s by the Double

ADT or Androgen Deprivation Therapy Increasing Alzheimer’s by the Double

Recently, experts have discovered a scary truth about androgen deprivation therapy – once hailed
as a breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer. It has now become apparent that while the therapy is
actually very effective in its function, it also introduces patients to a potentially dangerous
health side effect – Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, experts have claimed that the treatment not only introduces its users to the side effect but even double the probability of having the effect.

Androgen deprivation therapy is a breakthrough that once made a lot of buzz in the medical history.
It is a kind of management system for people who are potentially developing or who have already
developed prostate cancer. The therapy is designed to lower the levels of the testosterone or is much more known to be the male hormone. Exceeding amount of this hormone is proven to be among the main factors that expedite the possibility of developing prostate cancer, thus with androgen deprivation therapy, experts believe that cure to the fatal health condition is already solved.

Oncologists have tested and proven through a study that the treatment is somehow effective but it will
eventually lead to Alzheimer’s disease. And that is not is the scariest part, it is that increasing the
frequency and length of time used in the session can actually boost the prostate cancer treatment side
effects to twice the impact. This claim was made by University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Kevin Nead and
other Stanford University’s oncologists for the Journal of Clinical Oncology. This news has send a wave a
worries to not only the people who are undergoing the treatment but also to practitioners who have
believed in the treatment to be effective for so long.

Cancer experts are not impressed by this recent study though, simply because the records showed that
those men who have undergone the treatment have the same risks of developing Alzheimer’s as those
who have received other types of medical treatment after two and a half years. The American Cancer
Society for one have only one thing to say through Dr. Otis Brawley, and that is that the story does not
prove anything than it is a closer study of another study.

Is there any other choice?

There are still other prostate cancer stages treatment procedures or means of treating and/or managing
cancer – prostate cancer radiation treatment, chemotherapy, little radioactive shrinking beads, and of
course, surgery. Prostate cancer drug treatment is also another most argued means to treat this disease
on men. All of these are still in use as of these days and they are helping some 240,000 American men
that are recorded in prostate cancer treatment statistics as diagnosed with prostate cancer. Even with
these wonderful scientific solutions that are now available, there are still a fatality of 30,000 American men annually. That is on top of the very many side effects that any of these treatments subject the sufferer.

Thus, ADT or androgen deprivation therapy should have been a wonderful help to those men who are suffering and hoping that they will still get more time on Earth. And if the claims are real that it is really risking these men to Alzheimer’s disease, then this is another sound solution that have gone bad.

Written By Nurse009

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