Anyone detected with type 2 (not gestational) diabetes during pregnancy?

Anyone detected with type 2 (not gestational) diabetes during pregnancy?
What care did you take during pregnancy?
Did you do special ultrasound sessions?
Wanted to know the outcome of the pregnancy?
Did you deliver a normal baby?
I am 11 weeks pregnant.

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  • xaviersmommy April 7, 2009, 6:49 pm

    How do you know its not gestational? The Placenta creates a hormone around 20- 24 weeks that contradicts your insulin. It may be just that! And Type two if its that works the Same way as the Gestational you are not making enough insulin.

    I had Gestational Diabetes it went away right after Delivery . I took Glyberide, as the placenta gets bigger it produces more of that hormone and I needed more Glyberide. From about 32 weeks and up i needed an ultrasound every week to check the baby wasn't growing to fast. I also had to take whats called a non stress test 2 times a week, this checks to make sure the babys heartrate is good and its not under any stress.

    I had a healthy baby boy. Because of the diabetes he was producing more insulin than a normal baby so he was a hypoglecemic the first days of his life. He was in NICU for a couple of days on a sugar IV as they weened him off the sugar. Now he has no hypoglacemia and he is happy and healthy. BTW he was only 6 lbs 7 oz so i Delivered Vaginally.

    Dont let people tell you because you have diabetes you have to deliver by c-section that is not true! I hope that helped