Anyone familiar with seizures in children non fever/epilepsy related?

My one year old son suffered two seizures on Sun (March 29) with no temperature. He had been throwing up for a couple of days and continued to be sick for a few days after. He had another seizure on Thurs (April 2). He was taken to the ER both times and had a CT Scan, lumbar puncture, blood test for rota-virus, xrays, and an EEG… all tests were Normal. He was not dehydrated and his sodium.Sugar levels were normal

The doctors diagnosed him with Gastroenteritis provoked seizures and say it probably wouldn't happen again. Anyone have any experience with this? Words of encouragement? Did your child have seizures again? I find it so hard to believe that throwing up/diarrhea could cause three seizures… he is normally such a healthy child but at the same time he was sent to a neurologist and that is what they said…

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  • Doc A April 7, 2009, 4:57 pm

    Hmm, how strange. Usually children of his age would experience febrile convulsions, that is fever related, since yr certain he had no fever other causes must be considered.
    I would next want to consider a hypoglycaemic fit, that is, one due to a very low blood sugar, yet his was normal.
    I would next consider an abnormal blood sodium or blood potassium due to dehydration (vomiting), these also you say were normal.
    I would also then suggest a lumbar puncture and ct scan to exclude brain infection or brain tumour or head injury. These agin were normal.
    An EEG seemed the sensible next step, being normal is reassuring however, without wishing to alarm you, children with epilepsy can sometimes have normal EEG results.

    As far as i can see your precious baby has had exactly the right tests done, very thorough. I am also very sure it is unlikely to happen again, sometimes children have fits and then never ever have them again.

    One further possible test would be to have yr baby examined with a WOODS LAMP, an ultraviolet light to look for cafe au lait spots on the skin, these can suggest a condition called tuberous sclerosis which can cause fits. It is unlikely but to be thorough you could enquire about it.

    I am sure you will have been asked but was there any way your baby could have ingested tablets? medications? Grandmas often leave their pills n potions sitting in their handbags, just right for curious babies to get at !! any unlocked cupboards at home? animal pills? i have known cases of children where the gastroenteritis has been a red herring !! Consider household poisins/old lead pipes/paints… more thing to try.

    Other than that all you can do is be prepared, although he may never fit again make sure you (and any carers) know what to do if he does….maybe a good chance to enroll on a local first aid course.

    Try not to worry, good luck x

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