anyone here take medication for epilepsy?

i have night time epilepsy (complex partial and tonic clonic seizures) im on 4 different types of epileptic drugs and my neurologist has told me i can have the odd drink or 2 once in a blue moon but as long as i still take my medication. Im not a regular drinker, but last night i had a few drinks and had a really bad seizure. So that has certainly put me of drinking, i will be having a brain operation later this year cause im sick to death of having to take so many epileptic drugs a day, my epilepsy hasn't been under control for the past 4 years, but my seizures are not as bad as they use to be, well not as bad as last nights seizure, other times after iv had a seizure iv woken up somewhere and don't even rememberd how i got there, the worse side affects i mainly get is depersonalisation, Has anyone else ever experienced symptoms like this or even been told that they can have the odd drink on there medication and still had really bad seizures after. plus does your epilepsy really affect your life?

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  • Sammy05 March 2, 2009, 6:46 am

    I have epilepsy myself (Absense and Tonic Clonic seizures). I am on two different types of drugs Lamictal and Zonegran haven't had any side effects from them other than occasionally being tired but I deal with that. As for drinking I know it is a big no no but well I have gotten very drunk (I am 22) to the point that I threw up for 5 min straight and passed out on the bathroom floor. No seizures from it just stupidity. I sometimes get de ja vu rarely though. I haven't had a seizure in over 2 years (knock on wood) I have had my license suspended 2 times had multiple EEG's, AEEG's, MRI's, CAT scans, and such and they haven't been able to find out where or why I have them. I don't let epilepsy affect my life one bit. I live on my own, work, have an awesome boyfriend who is totally supportive of it and understands, drive. I know I have it I always think of it in the back of my head but I don't let it control my life it would make me go nuts if I sat and worried about the what if's or sat in the house and felt sorry for myself I love being outdoors and experiencing life! I hope your brain operation goes well!

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