Alzheimers Disease Alternative Medication

Alzheimers Disease Alternative Medication, Know Better

Alzheimers Disease Alternative Medication, Know Better

My 73 yr. old Mother seems to have Alzheirmers Disease; she’s on 2 med’s for that condition and they do not seem to be helping. She was on 4 different med’s for high blood pressure & doc recently had her to leave off one of them ( Norvast). I think she might be doing just a little bit better–but it’s only been one or 2 wks since omitting the Norvast.
Any help on this or comments, etc.

To answer your query, if you feel that it’s a need to have a second opinion, then you must for the benefit and pleasure of your mother. If you feel that it’s practical to ask for financial help and pieces of advice from your immediate family or relatives, then you definitely need to do so. You might have siblings living in other countries or cities; you should contact them not just for monetary help but for emotional support as well.

There are alternative medicines that you can try to relieve your mother from Alzheimer’s disease. To get more information in regards to Alzheimers disease alternative medication, I have attached several articles in the form of links below. Go on and read them and do not think twice to share.

Alzheimers Disease Alternative Medication

Alternative Treatments | Alzheimer’s Association
There are herbal, natural, and alternative treatments for dementia or Alzheimer and you need to be equipped with a lot of helpful information. Just do not forget to double check every information that you’ll research online. Make sure that your resources have genuine merits.

Coconut Oil and Other Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease
Learn more about Alzheimers disease alternative medication with the help of this article. You’ll also learn more about Alzheimer disease treatment, Alzheimer disease treatment Ayurveda, Alzheimer disease symptoms, Alzheimer disease guidelines, Alzheimer disease causes, and how to prevent Alzheimer disease naturally.

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Learn so much about Alzheimers disease alternative medication with assistance from this video.

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  • JustMe April 8, 2009, 9:45 pm

    I have some info from a lady that had started her father (80 yrs old) on a supplement program which included Vita-Lea, B-Complex and Soy Protein. As she noticed that his Alzheimers symptom seemed to worsen she included 3-5 Mental Acuity Plus (increases the blood supply and activity in the brain) as well as 4 400IU Vita-E and she indicated that there was a significant improvement in her father.

    This was a particular brand she was referring to and if you are interested, feel free to contact me.

    Hope this is of some benefit.

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