What can you bring foodwise or giftwise to a friend with lung cancer?

I am visiting a friend that has lung cancer that has spread. What can I bring as a helpful or fun gift? Foodwise anything? Other than time and bringing up funny memories and good times what can I do for this good friend

recently had anal sex, is bleeding normal?

i have had anal sex before but the other night my boyfriend and i had sex and anal sex as well and afterwards when i went up to use the bathroom there was blood coming from my bum hole.. is

How long does a person smokes before she gets heart disease/lung cancer?

I've smoked like for like 15 times only. Am i prone to lung cancer/heart disease already? Female, 17.

Months after Anal Sex- still bleeding. Why is there still blood?

No jokes please Me and my Fiance had anal sex in last March. (I’ve had it before once in my previous relationship). But I could barely use the restroom for 2 weeks!! it hurted so bad (with lots of bleeding). The

For how long have people known about lung cancer?

If someone came to a doctor in the early nineteenth century with blatant symptoms of lung cancer, would they have recognised it? When did doctors discover lung cancer and how to treat it, if they could treat it at all?

Yeast infection/Anal bleeding?

Ok, so I know this is super gross, but frankly, I’m freaked out and I need some opinions/answers! I have had a yeast infection for a while now, and I’ve been treating it at home with different things. I noticed that when

what is the survival rate for stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the bone?

63 yr old male has stage 3 lung cancer after surgery lungs are clear but metastasis noted in bone in pelvic region. now person is noted as stage 4 lung cancer given about 3 months to live, is this true?

Reasons for anal bleeding after bowel movement?

Well it started yesterday. I took a shit and after I was done wiping all my shit I did one extra wipe and for some reason, which i dont know why I took a glance at it before I dropped it

How does genetics play a role in lung cancer?

I'm wondering how i can explain dna/genetics when talking about lung cancer. thanks!

Cause of anal bleeding?

A couple months ago after i went to do a number 2, for lack of a less embaressing word, i found blood on the tissue, the next day i had my period and just took it as a mistake on

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