What is Baby Acne and Milia: Baby Skin Condition?

What is baby acne? Once a baby is born, it is normal to see bumps and patches on their faces. These bumps come in different colors. It may be those which they call baby acne, or it may actually be milia. They are not that pleasing to look at but both of these skin conditions are harmless. A doctor’s frequent checkups and fees may be saved for later by trying home remedies first. But before doing anything, first know what is baby acne and its treatment.

What is baby acne?

Baby acne is those little red bumps found in your baby’s face. It is commonly seen in newborns and anywhere after birth up to three months. Baby acne is believed to be caused by hormones that were from her mom and research believes that if you have baby acne that stays longer than a few weeks, it may be an indication that you would have acne problems in your teenage years. But, what is that skin condition called milia? What is baby acne and how do these two differ from each other?


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These white bumps are often mistaken for baby acne because color is the only distinction between the two. Milia, like milk pearls, are also commonly seen in newborn babies. These are tiny little white trinkets that are harmless but noticeable on baby’s faces. These little white bumps are usually found on the baby’s cheeks and nose but may appear in any part of the body, even inside the baby’s mouth. Milia found inside the baby’s mouth is a special type of milia called Epstein pearls.


What is baby acne treatment and what are treatments for Milia?


These two may be different in appearance but when it comes to treatment, they both fall into the same group: home treatments! Yes. These two, as mentioned above, are harmless and don’t necessarily need any special treatment.

Taking care and maintaining your baby’s proper hygiene is the key to curing this skin condition. So, what are baby acne and Milia’s best treatments? NOTHING! Waiting for its course to finish is the best remedy. Both these skin conditions are expected to disappear given a few days or weeks. Maintaining a child’s good hygiene is a plus like avoiding scrubbing the face with a washcloth and pricking the acne or milia. These tricks simply won’t cut it and might even make the condition worse. This scenario is something we won’t like to happen because, from harmless tidbits, the acne might transform into small painful bumps.


Washing the baby’s face and body regularly, about 2-3 times a day is an example of proper hygiene practices. Using a washcloth and gently wiping and then rubbing it to your baby’s skin can also be of big help. We all know that we all just want what’s best for our children. What is baby acne compared to other diseases? It should be nothing to be worried about.


What is baby acne as to the belief that it hurts our newborns? Baby acne actually does nothing to our baby. It may be very noticeable once your baby cries but your baby cries not because of the acne but for sure, a different reason. Parents are usually misled whenever their babies cry and end up looking at these acnes. They tend to think that this acne might be bothersome but it really is not. It is just a normal phenomenon to occur after being born and stepping into the outside world.
Good luck and do the parenting job a lot more than what they expect you to and continue nurturing your little one. What is baby acne? You better know what it is by now as a parent, of course! Remember, it will never cause an alarm if you don’t make it alarming.


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