The Baby Acne Treatment Featuring Patience

Baby acne does not conform to other kinds of acne. Baby acne are those little red bumps found on your baby’s face, often on the cheeks but sometimes on their back. However, these little bumps can be found anywhere and having baby acne is just a normal phenomenon but is there a baby acne treatment?


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No one can really tell where these bumps came from. They say that if you want to find a cure, find out what caused it. We sure know that these bumps are neither from extra carbs nor sweets. I mean they’re still babies, you know. How can we look for baby acne treatment if the cause of it is still unknown. Hormones are believed to be the biggest culprit with regard to having baby acnes but this can’t be an excuse to let the baby take different kinds of medicines.


Babies are one of the most delicate groups in line with medication. They can’t simply be given anything without complete consultation with a pediatrician. That is why giving a baby acne treatment is hard because it may be putting your child in jeopardy.

Baby acne treatment can be done by simple ways and only at home.


Baby Acne Treatment at Home:


  • Wash Your Baby’s Face and Body Regularly
baby acne treatment bath

Washing your baby’s face 2-3 times a day should do the trick. Keeping your baby clean and healthy is one way of baby acne treatment. It may be as simple as it sounds but one thing is for sure, consistency and determination is all you need.


  • Never Scrub, if Possible


Scrubbing your body may be soothing for you, but not for your child and her skin, it’s not. Scrubbing sometimes irritates your baby’s delicate skin. If acne is already present, scrubbing it by a cloth or hands may just make it worse and end up in an unwanted scenario. Pinching, scrubbing, touching, or even popping may make it worse.


  • Avoid Applying Lotion or Any Skin Product
baby acne treatment lotion

Lotion or any skin product that isn’t hypoallergenic may cause skin problems to babies especially if it has harmful chemicals as ingredients. Babies have sensitive skin which could lead to problems if not well taken care of. We can just do so much for our babies and we can double the care we give just as a precaution and as baby acne treatment.


  • Wait for It to Finish Its Course


Waiting the baby acne to finish its course and doing exactly nothing with it is a popular baby acne treatment. Baby acnes are normal; they are seen 2-4 weeks after birth and usually take only days for it to disappear by itself. It doesn’t necessarily need a treatment; however, there are baby acnes which stay on your baby’s skin for some time, like weeks and months. But when it lingers even after that duration, you might consider asking a pediatrician for help and medication.  


These are the ways on how to get rid of baby acne. You see, baby acne treatments are simple and don’t need that much attention. These acnes are also different from other baby skin conditions like eczema and milia. Therefore, you shouldn’t mistake these three from each other. You should also remember that baby acnes are normal in children especially to newborns, so don’t overthink it. Let it pass and these baby acne treatments that simply take care of your baby’s skin is what it is all about.

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