Best Acne Scar Treatment: What are these?


Dark Spots and Scars: The Difference

Before treating anything, you first need to distinguish the one you are treating. Dark spots or marks differ from acne scars. Dark spots are those which you consider darkening of the skin after the occurrence of acne. These spots usually disappear after some time, when skin is stretched a bit. It sometimes takes 3-6 months to let the dark spot disappear all by itself. Medications such as retinoid, sunscreen, or brighteners are used to treat these spots, while an acne scar is permanently damaged collagen that results to different shapes and forms that are easily seen on our faces. What is the best acne scar treatment? What are the available treatments? (Read more about What Causes Acne)


Acne Scar Treatment

The best acne scar treatment varies widely with different people. Acne scar treatments are available on the market. Acne is really a nuisance, what more can you call the scar it leaves on your face? Here are some procedures for these acne scar treatments.


Laser Acne Removal

There are a lot of laser treatment types available for you; it depends on the type of acne you are treating. Laser blue lights may pinpoint where the bacteria really is. But laser treatments are required to be done for more than 2 sessions and are done by dermatologists alone. This process cannot get rid of the pimples 100%; however, improvements are easily and immediately seen after a session especially in line with acne scars. This kind of treatment is also expensive.


Homeopathic Acne Treatment

Homeopathic is based on the philosophy that our body can heal itself. It originated from Germany during the 1700s but it was popularized in Europe. They treat acne with very small dosages of drugs. One of the best homeopathic acne treatment being considered is the use of Sulfur. Users say that sulfur does not only help in treating acne and acne scars but it also helps eradicate these permanently. Another popular homeopathic remedy for women is what you call “Pulsatilla.” This is typically used by women who have trouble managing their monthly periods. These two homeopathic treatments are only given in 60c and 30c respectively, twice a day.


Acne Cyst Treatment

Acne cyst treatments are available either by over-the-counter antibiotics and birth control pills. It also sometimes require having prescription from a doctor, for buying ointments or vitamin creams like vitamin A topical medications.

“Accutane” is a known brand of Isotretinoin. This is one of the popular medicines for cystic acne.


Holistic Acne Treatmentbest acne scar treatment oil

Holistic acne treatment is also a considered treatment for acne scars. A holistic approach in treating acne and its scars is in the form of using herbs and other natural greens. Natural oils are also prescribed by this healer. Oils like Rosehip, Castor, Emu, and Bio Oil are recommended for treating acne and acne scars. They are simple to use; just use a cotton ball,dip it into the oil, and apply it to the affected area.


Isolaz Acne Treatment

Isolaz treatment is a laser type session where your pores are unclogged and cleared of bacteria, dirt, and other excess oil. It cleans the pores not only on the outside but also inside. It is suitable for any kind of skin, may it be sensitive or the oily kind of skin. It is considered to be an effective treatment because it applies to different kinds of acne. More so, it also prevents the occurrence of other types of acne by cleaning the pores and taking out bacteria through a vacuum process.

best acne scar treatment cream

Gels, creams, and ointments are available for treating acne and its scars. With our technology, it’s not anymore impossible to get rid of those unwanted marks. It’s up to us which way to take. After all, the best acne scar treatment is prevention and nothing less of it.

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