What Is Normal Labor And Delivery?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines normal birth as “spontaneous in onset, low-risk at the start of labor and remaining so throughout labor and delivery. The infant is born spontaneously in the vertex position between 37 and 42 completed weeks

What Are The Different Types Of Knee Injuries?

Below are 10 of the most common injuries of the knee:

Fractures. Any of the bones in or around the knee can be fractured. … Anterior cruciate ligament injuries. ACL injuries can range from grade 1 to 3 in severity. Dislocation. … Meniscal tears.

Can Bowel Incontinence Be Corrected?

Treating fecal incontinence may require surgery to correct an underlying problem, such as rectal prolapse or sphincter damage caused by childbirth. The options include: Sphincteroplasty. This procedure repairs a damaged or weakened anal sphincter. Read More… Watch This Video on Fecal

What Are Some Sleep Disorders?

Here We Describe The Four Most Common Sleep Disorders That Could Be Robbing You Of Quality Sleep. – Insomnia. … – Sleep Apnea. … – Restless Leg Syndrome. … – Narcolepsy. More Items…   Watch The Overview Of Sleep Disorders   What Are The Causes Of Sleep Disorders? Insomnia. Insomnia,

What are the names of some blood disorders?

H-K Hemochromatosis. Hemolytic anemia. Hemophilia. Hereditary spherocytosis. Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes. Iron-deficiency anemia. read more here…     Related Terms For Blood Disorders: Blood Disorders, Blood Diseases List, White Blood Cell Disorders, Types Of Blood Diseases Wikipedia, Rare Blood Disorders That Cause Death, Hematologic

What are some common blood disorders?

Red blood cell and Iron Disorders

Red blood cell disorders overview. Anemia overview. Sickle cell disease. Thalassemia. Hemolytic disease of the newborn. Hemolytic anemia. Spherocytosis. Iron deficiency anemia.

read more…. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!   Related Terms For Blood Disorders: Blood Disorders Blood Diseases List White Blood Cell Disorders Types Of Blood Diseases Wikipedia Rare Blood Disorders

Can blood clots kill you?

Blood Clots That Kill: Preventing DVT. Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body. A deep vein thrombosis can break loose and cause a serious problem in the lung, called

What causes blood clots in period?

During menstruation, the thick lining of your uterus (womb) breaks away. As you menstruate, anticoagulants are released that break down thick menstrual blood before it leaves your body. During a heavy flow, blood is expelled faster and the anticoagulants may

What Is Causing My Shoulder Pain?

Other causes of shoulder pain include several forms of arthritis, torn cartilage, or a torn rotator cuff. Swelling of the bursa sacs (which protect the shoulder) or tendons can also cause pain. Some people develop bone spurs, which are bony

How Can You Avoid Common Skin Problem?

Here are Some Tips for Preventing Some Noninfectious Skin Disorders:

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and water every day. Use moisturizer. Avoid environmental and dietary allergens. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or other irritants. Sleep for at least seven hours each night. Drink plenty

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