How to Build Good Acne Treatments

What are Good Acne Treatments?Good acne treatments

A good acne treatment is something that is effective and efficient in terms of eliminating the obvious marks and can reduce the chance that it might come back.  Good acne treatments may be done in your own home, can be bought in a drug store (topical/oral medication), or done by a dermatologist.

A good acne treatment depends on what your body may need. Treatments available depend on what type of acne is to be eliminated.

What are the Types of Acne?

Humans have pores which are connected to oil glands through a small canal called follicles. These glands produce sebum which is the oily liquid usually found in our faces.

  • Whiteheads- these are usually very small but stay under the skin
  • Blackheads- these are very visible. A blackhead stays on the skin’s surface. This kind of acne is not caused by dirt and rubbing your face vigorously will not help eliminate it.
  • Papules- usually colored pink, these small bumps are seen on the skin’s surface.
  • Nobules- these are large and solid pimples. Its presence gives a painful feeling and it is rooted deep in the skin.
  • Pustules- its base is red, clearly visible on the skin, and has pus on top.
  • Cysts- are visible on the skin’s surface; painful and filled with pus. This kind of acne usually leaves a remarkable scar.

Good acne treatments can be chosen by:Good acne treatments cream

  1. Diagnosing first what kind of acne you are having.

Different types of acne call for different kinds of treatments. There are mild kinds which can be eliminated by homemade acne treatment or sometimes, a “do-it-yourself” acne treatment cream or one that can be bought from a drug store.

  1. Checking with a health practitioner what kind of good acne treatment is best for you.

You can diagnose acne by yourself. However, it is best to ask and consult a health practitioner before resorting to something where you aren’t sure of the outcome. Remember that physicians will always know what’s best for you.

  1. Prevention is the best treatment for acne.

Maintaining good hygiene may reduce the chance of acne outbreaks. One can also use some medications (i.e., contraceptive pills) to avoid and maintain a healthy and flawless skin. Sometimes, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are also a big contributor in maintaining one’s skin.

Aside from homemade treatment and oral/topical medications, some believe that acne light treatment is more effective.

Acne Light Therapy

Some acne bacteria that cause redness and swelling can be killed by being exposed to different lights. This procedure is done by exposing your skin to different types of light. However, before even doing the procedure, your dermatologist may first put on your skin some photosensitizer to make it more sensitive to light. This procedure is usually done multiple times.

This procedure is considered an effective acne treatment for men and women. Different people have different kinds of needs. Good acne treatments are always available. One should just be resourceful and remember that patience is a virtue.

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