Can blood sugar levels cause Epilepsy?

I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy since 1996. For the last year or two, I have been taking meds for it and, even though I rarely have the huge seizure where you go unconscious (gran mal), I still have absence seizures quite a bit which is where you just get a blank stare for a couple seconds and then you barely notice it happen. My dad used to affectionately call them "brain farts."

Well back to my question. Can low blood sugar levels cause Epilepsy? Since my teen years, I can remember during a certain time of day I always felt a little "funny" and I could feel my body telling me that I needed sugar. Those feelings still occur on a regular basis and usually happen between 4-5 pm.

I have had a diabetes test before and it back negative but I was wondering if low blood sugar could be the culprit since it seems no medication really has stopped my Epilepsy from changing. I just got back my results from my last EEG I had and I still have the abnormal brainwaves and the neuro wants to increase my dosage AGAIN. I'm already up to 3000 mg a day and, with this increase, now I'll be up to 3500 mg daily.

If anybody knows much about blood sugar, epilepsy, or both, I would definitely love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
Joe, the meds I'm on right now where I'm taking 3000 mg a day is Keppra. I take three 500 mg pills after I wake up and another three before I go to sleep.

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