Can diabetes be controlled by diet and exercise alone for how many years?

have a question:

for how many years one can control diabetes by diet and exercise after it is confirmed. currently, i have type 2 with fasting glucose level early in the morning @ 96 .
3 months back it is 128 @ in the morning.

dont know for how many years it can be like this with good diet and exercise?

curious . any answers .


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  • Mr. Peachy® January 27, 2009, 9:44 pm

    Theoretically, for the rest of your life. It's all in the diet and keeping the fat off. As long as you don't overwork your pancreas with excess refined carbohydrates and stay reasonably active, you'll enjoy a normal life. I do, and I'm 56. I've been diabetic for 5 years, and struggled and struggled until I found this simple formula:

    As far as that nonsense answer that it's a progressive disease… yes it can be, if the patient is following the bozo doctor's advice and continues the crappy diet and the sulfonylureas (and other drugs) which wear out your pancreas. Doctors have no interest in curing people… the medical industry at large would go bankrupt in a hurry if people followed a simple, nutritious diet and exercise plan instead of the usual junky food and pharmaceutical recommendations that abound. The answers are out there folks, you just won't find them in your doctor's office.

    I searched and searched all over for alternative ideas when my doctor's advice was to take more drugs. Once I stumbled on the obvious, (natural foods), the rest was easy.

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