Can You Get Shingles On Your Private Parts?

It’s very unusual for shingles to affect the inside of the vagina itself, but it can occur. Shingles is the common name for herpes zoster, the painful rash that results from reactivation of varicella virus in adulthood. Most of us are infected by varicella virus as children, when it causes chickenpox. Read more here from WEBMD.

Youtube video on Shingles – The causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Prevention of Shingles:
There are a number of shingles vaccines which reduce the risk of developing shingles or developing severe shingles if the disease occurs.
A review by Cochrane concluded that the live vaccine was useful for preventing shingles for at least three years. This equates to about 50% relative risk reduction. The vaccine reduced rates of persistent, severe pain after shingles by 66% in people who contracted shingles despite vaccination. Vaccine efficacy was maintained through four years of follow-up. It has been recommended that people with primary or acquired immunodeficiency should not receive the live vaccine.


Image of Shingles in Vulva:
shingles in vulva

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