Can Pink Eye Be Cured Naturally?

Pink eye can be a nasty and uncomfortable infection, but did you know that half of all cases clear up within 10 days without any treatment? That’s because there are many types of pink eye, with the most common pink eye symptoms caused by a viral infection, which can’t be treated with prescribed antibiotics.
If the infection is viral, only the symptoms can be treated. Applying a cold or warm compress and using non-antiobiotic eye drops are common remedies for viral infections. Read more…

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Can You Go In A Swimming Pool With Conjunctivitis?

Answer: This depends upon the cause of the redness. If it a subconjunctival hemorrhage (blood spot), swimming is not harmful, but diving and forced breath holding can cause further bleeding. If there is any infection, do not swim in a pool as you may spread the contagion to others. Read more…

Images Natural Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis:

Natural Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

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