Can somebody on medicine/insuline &/or good physical habit & diet "hide diabetes" in clinical/lab tests? ?

I guess even if somebody keeps good control over his diabetes with the help of medicines, insuline, exercises, good diet habit, etc over a few months, he can’t hide it from the doctors. Please comment.

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  • Bunny March 7, 2009, 4:53 am

    Yes, you can hide it. Diabetes, when controlled well with diet, exercise, and medications can be in remission. Clinical lab tests in well-controlled diabetes will show normal levels of – random glucose and HgbA1c.

    But, if your glucose has been running high for a few months, and just this month your glucose is normal, HgbA1c test will show it.

    In addition, if a fasting glucose challenge is done, the diabetic will show a non-tolerance of the glucose test and will show high levels of glucose. This test is usually only done once to diagnose diabetics and is not usually done to monitor established diabetics.