Can Someone With Crohn’s Disease Have A Baby?

Women who wish to become pregnant may be concerned about how their inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) will impact
pregnancy, as well as how pregnancy will affect their condition. Having IBD does not necessarily affect the ability to have
children. With the careful supervision of both a gastroenterologist and obstetrician, most women with IBD can have a
healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, there are some important considerations.

Generally speaking, women whose ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease is in remission can become pregnant as easily as other women of the same age. However, women with active IBD may have more difficulty becoming pregnant. Conceiving during a disease flare is not advised. Read Here….

Images of Patient With Crohn’s Disease:

Patient With Crohn's Disease

Is It Safe To Get Pregnant With Crohn’s Disease?

Women with Crohn’s disease that is in remission should have no more difficulty becoming pregnant than those without an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). However, women with active Crohn’s disease may have problems getting pregnant if they are underweight and eating poorly, as this can affect fertility. Read Here..

Watch This Video Crohn’s Disease & Pregnancy-Mayo Clinic

Can You Die From Severe Crohn’s Disease?

Only very rarely will a patient die from complications of Crohn’s disease. Infection and cancer are the principal causes of death. With proper treatment and cancer surveillance, the risk of these complications can be markedly reduced. Read Here…

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