Can The Loss Of Hearing Be Reversed?

While hearing loss is most common in the elderly, rates are high in the music industry and the military, and rising among teenagers who listen to music at high volume.

Now they may have one for rock ‘n’ roll. Novartis AG (NOVN) is developing a gene therapy that may reverse hearing loss by stimulating the regrowth of microscopic hair cells in the inner ear, allowing people to hear. The hairs are destroyed by prolonged exposure to loud noise, and don’t take root again naturally. Read here….

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Can Hearing Loss Heal Itself?

IEDs have noise levels approaching 170 decibels. Damage to the eardrum is known to be common after large blasts, but this is easily detected during a clinical exam and usually can heal itself or is surgically repairable and is thus not typically the cause of long-term hearing loss. Read here…

Image of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

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