Arthritis Bodybuilding, Know Better

Arthritis Bodybuilding, Understand Better

Arthritis Bodybuilding, Understand Better

Can we do weight training or bodybuilding if we are suffering from arthritis?

I heard that we should not use heavy weights when we are suffering from arthritis. Is this true? Does this mean a person who is suffering from arthritis can’t build his body?

To answer your query, you can exercise, go to the gym, and exercise regularly even if you have arthritis. Better if you will consult your doctor. And better also if you will talk to your physical instructor or personal trainer about your physical discomforts. For sure, he knows some postures that you can try so you can still exercise even if you have arthritis.

Besides bodybuilding, you can also try yoga and other related exercises to make your body stronger. Exercise will also make your mind stronger and you’ll feel more relaxed. Making your physique stronger can alleviate you from the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling because of arthritis.

To give you more information in regards to your queries about arthritis bodybuilding, I have attached several articles below. They are in the form of links, read and enjoy them. You can also share them of course.

Arthritis Bodybuilding

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  • pyaramor37 March 23, 2009, 2:29 am

    Well we are encouraged to but we are also encouraged to take care and not over do it.
    we have to do weight training because if we have stronger muscles our joints will hurt less. And because our skeletal system is our main support system, we must build what supports our support system