Can you have alot of the symptoms of diabetes and not have diabetes ?

For example someone who has PCOS has a hormonal imbalance, a blood sugar imbalance and can manifest as type 2 diabetes, but all the blood work is normal, the fasting glucose and the HbA1c is normal, so is it possible it's just similar to diabetes but it isn't ?
kyukyu99 that's the exact answer I was hoping to hear.
So does that mean that your HbA1C turned out to be high and then that's when you were diagnosed with type 2 ?

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  • kyukyu99 March 12, 2009, 4:49 pm

    PCOS does manifest as type II diabetes symptoms. I have both, but I was diagnosed with PCOS first, and was treated for that with mediation used to treat type II diabetes. Because of my weight and some other mediations I take, I did eventually come down with Type II diabetes, but I am taking the same medication to treat that as I was to treat my PCOS alone.

    So yes, you can be PCOS, have the symptoms of type II diabetes, and yet not be diabetic. As long as your HbA1c is normal, you are ok!