Can You Help Us Name Our New Support Group?

Okay, I need everyone’s help naming our new Support Group. We were trying to think of a name using an anagram of some of the first letters but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks for all your help.

We meet in Massac County, Illinois. Our group wants to offer support, information and advocacy training to parents in our County/School District. (Massac Co. Unit 1 School District). We are the parents of children with special needs. Our children have disabilities such as:

  • Autism
  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • CAPD – Auditory Processing Disorders,
  • AS – Asperger’s
  • LD – Learning Disabilities
  • SD – Seizure Disorders


ADHD Support Group

First of all congratulations that you have a support group for people with different behavioral and educational problems such as ADHD, CAPD, and AS. The best way to come up with a name for your group is to brainstorm. Make sure that each member will throw his two cents no matter how absurd his ideas are. A person might have a good idea and he’s just scared to explain it because of the feeling that it might not be appreciated. For more information on ADHD support group, read the articles in the links below.

ADHD Support Groups: Help for ADD Adults – ADDitude
It’s vital to become a part of an ADHD support group. Market your group so a lot of people will be benefited. Think of the best name for your group where it will resonate to a lot of people.

ADHD Support Group

ADHD Support Group

Support Groups for Parents of Children with ADHD – ADDitude
Parents who have ADHD kids should become a part of an ADHD support group. It’s the same for people who have relatives or friends who have ADHD problems.

CHADD – The National Resource on ADHD
You can learn a lot from this wonderful article such as ADD support group, ADHD support groups for parents, ADHD online support groups, ADHD support groups for spouses, ADHD support groups for teenagers, and ADHD support forum.

Read these other informative articles about ADHD Support group from WebMD and ADD.

Learn so much from ADHD support groups.


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  • N Tune 2 BEAUTY February 26, 2009, 4:52 pm

    We are Parent of Autism children
    1). W P A C

    2). We PAC

    3). A A C A L S

    4). S N C…
    Special Need Children -AACALS

    5). p o s n c
    Parents Of Special Need Children

    6). A A H D D

    7). a s c
    a Special child

    8). Learn 2 Support
    A D H D

    Hope this helps…
    Ntune2 com