How of you get rid of acne on the arm after exercising?

I have started to exercise and I sweat a lot. Now I have been getting bums which i believe are pimples (zits) on my arm. How do I prevent that from happening? And how do I take care of this

Is there a good way to prevent acne without medicine?

I’ve had acne problems since I was twelve, for eight years. I’m twenty now and its not nearly as bad as it once was but sometimes i have breakouts. I’ve been on every acne medication known to man, most of

What foods cause acne and darker skin? What foods help skin stay claer and bright?

I want clear and brighter skin, what foods should i eat? I dont want acne, blemishes, or my skin to go drak/dull, what food should i not eat? It’s all about the food you eat. If you want to become healthier, younger

How long did it take for your acne to disappear?

I just started using Oxy acne treatment. I’ve tried tons of things, but none of them have every actually gotten rid of my acne. I even used the “magical” Proactive, which didn’t do anything for me. The best I’ve gotten out of acne

When using Murad Acne Complex how can you tell if your skin is experiencing irritation or is just purging?

I am planning to stick with Murad Acne Complex for a good 3 to 4 weeks for good results, I hope. My skin doesn’t usually experience sensitivity but after using the products my skin sometimes burns and doesn’t feel totally

How to rid severe acne and scars at the same time?

I have severe acne i guess, my acne has improved alot form BenzaClin, but i have to put alot of moisteriser on because it dires out my skin so bad. I still break out in clumps and big soar pimples/spots.

What product can help clear up acne scars and even skin tones?

I used to have a lot of acne and some of the acne turned into dark spots on my face. I have oily skin. I need something that works, maybe you’ve tried it or something. My skin tone is also

What are the best acne products for different acne?

Having a slight dilemma. I know there are different types of acne and I’ve been using a scrub that works well for my face. I’ve started noticing that I’m breaking out on my neck and chin. I dont know what

how many sessions of microdermabrasion will work mild acne scarring?

I’m 19 years old and I’m planning to go through microdermabrasion. Will I see results with 5 sessions? or will it take 10 sessions though? I have mild acne and acne scarring, oil skin and red spots due to acne. Before

How do I stop the acne and strange discolerations in my face?

My skin tone is not pale but not dark and I have a tan from the summer right now. I take a shower every day and wash my face reguarly and use Noxema but I still can’t stop the weird

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