Does anyone elses cats have acne as diagnosed from a vet?

please dont answer ignorantly. I know what cat acne is, and if you dont, dont answer. I am looking for someone who is controlling their cats acne and what they are using to successfully control it. The vet has an

Why does acne medicine break you out worse when you first start it?

My doctor said that a lot of acne medications break you out badly at the beginning and can take 6-8 weeks to see results. Why? If you’re terribly affected by your first acne breakout, you should definitely visit a dermatologist right

what is the best ways you have gotten rid of acne?

please list all the best things you’ve used or things you’ve done to get rid of acne. also say what foods you had to stay away from. please dont list any doctor prescribed medicine because my acne isnt bad, its

How do I control acne caused from running?

I have really bad acne on the back of my legs from running. I don’t have acne otherwise, and I don’t stay in sweaty clothes any longer than I have to after my runs. Is there anything I can do

How to Treat Acne without Skin Drying?

Question: I need a health tip: What is the best acne treatment or product that clears skin fast and doesn’t dry skin. Tell me a product that you have used and it works for you. I have tried many acne

How to Get Rid of Acne That Keeps on Coming Back?

Question: Free health tips? I’ve tried so many acne products, including proactive, tea tree oil, spectro gel, neutrogena, home remedies, and nothing could get rid of my acne. I then took accutane, which cures acne, and it worked, but

Why Some Don't Have Pimples While Some Have So Many?

Question: I just need some health advise. Like, I’ve never had an acne problem. Never more than a pimple or two on my face, for which I am very glad. And I’m 16! But then I see some guys at

Acne Removal, Inexpensive Means

How to Remove Acne Without Spending too Much Money and Effort? Acne Removal, Understand Better Today Question: Some tips for health, please. I get pimples and acne, but not huge breakout acne! What do you think is the best treatments for this?

Acne Back Treatment

How to Treat Acne on the Back? Acne Back Treatment Question: Some health tips for women, please. I have struggled with back acne for a long time, and it is embarrassing to wear swimsuits and tank tops. I have heard of Murad

What is the Difference Between Pimples and Acne?

Question: Out of curiosity, I want to ask in a nurse what is the difference between pimples and acne. I got rid of most of my acne using St.Ive’s apricot scrub thingy. Now I’m using it for my pimples, and it’s

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