Alcohol Abuse

What Are Some Questions You Would Put On A Teen Alcohol Abuse Survey?

To answer your query, some of the questions that I might ask are:

1. What are the reasons that you drink? 2. Do you consider yourself an alcoholic? 3. Do you imagine yourself sober? Do you want to become liberated from excessive or

How Does Alcohol Abuse Lead To Dependence And Addiction?

To answer your query, people who drink alcohol feel a temporary relief from their anxieties and miseries in life. It’s just that when they wake up, their problems still exist and they have a headache. What’s worse is alcoholics can

What Are The Long-Term Problems Associated With Alcohol Abuse?

To answer your query, some long term problems that one might experience from constant alcohol abuse are alcohol poisoning, ulcers, gastritis, sexual problems, nerve damage, liver disease, brain damage, cancer of mouth and throat, malnutrition, high blood pressure, amnesia, and

Why Should College Students Especially Be Concerned About Alcohol Abuse?

To answer your query, college students are prone to drug and alcohol abuse because that phase of their life is very crucial. Peer pressure does exist and it can overcome a person’s will power not to touch any alcohol or

Is The Rise In Alcohol Abuse?

To answer your query, the number of people who drink alcohol in UK and other parts of the world is continually rising.  In fact, alcohol abuse will always be present as long as manufacturers are making liquors. People are depressed

What Are Symptoms Of Extreme Alcohol Abuse Neurologically?

There are various warning signs to help detect potential alcohol abuse. While many signs are recognizable, others may be more difficult to identify. Also, the severity of alcohol abuse may play a role in the warning signs a person exhibits.


My Mom Just Went Into Treatment For Alcohol Abuse, When She Calls Me What Should We Talk About?

She has always been very secretive about her life and doesn’t like me to know her “personal” business, so I don’t know if I’d be digging myself into a deeper hole if I started asking her about the treatment center,

Is The Gay Community More Prone To Drug And Alcohol Abuse Than The Rest Of Society?

To answer your query, not really. Gays, lesbians, and transgenders are lonely people too. They are lonely like people who are living in affluent nations or people who are in a good relationship.

In one way or another, all of us

What Effect Does Alcohol And Drug Abuse Have On Teenagers?

Consider the Ways that Alcohol and Other Drugs Abuse Affect The Teenagers:

To answer your query, teenagers and even adults who use drugs and drink alcohol feel a temporary relief from all the pain that they’re feeling. They love that temporary

Would A DUI Be Considered An Alcohol Abuse Crime?

A job application asks “Have you ever been convicted of an alcohol abuse crime?” Say you’ve gotten a DUI should you put it down on the application?

To answer your query, driving under the influence or DUI can be considered a